Im August 2022 gehen unsere Beiträge an Ismail aus Marokko. Als bisexueller und atheistischer* Mensch wurde er sowohl vom Staat als auch von der Gesellschaft gewaltsam verfolgt und ausgegrenzt. Er hat selbst einen Aufruf auf Englisch über seine Situation verfasst (falls ihr Englisch nicht gut versteht, könnt ihr den Text einfach in die Website DeepL hineinkopieren und er wird automatisch übersetzt: ).

„Hello everyone, my name is Ismail, I am a bisexual atheist, and I am fundraising to appeal my repatriation to Morocco. I was born in Morocco in an era during which being the B in LGBTQ and being an „Atheist* “ are not tolerated, neither by the populace nor by the Moroccan legislators.

I came to Germany in 2017, after being admitted in an M.Sc., later on, the financing of my stay in Germany was cut out, because my parents discovered through a third party that I was interested in men, for them I am Homosexual, and I have never had the chance to explain to them that I am bisexual, anyways they wouldn’t understand, they disowned me, and refused to have any contact with me ever since.

I have experienced all kinds of mistreatment in Morocco, I was beaten several times by the Police and by random people, either for being bisexual or a non-believer, I was dehumanized and mistreated, e.g., disrespected, insulted, spit at, molested, jailed, etc. since high school until my Master, e.g. the head of our department assured me that I will get my master over his dead corpse.
Also, by my employers, by the work inspector when he was told I broke fast during Ramadan, while at an internship because after a fall off with a friend she denounced me, from the police when I sought their help or protection, many times, I was stripped down of my humanity just for being who I am. I also experienced the yoke of the government when they sent after us their brute forces during a peaceful sit-in during which we were protesting against incriminating breaking fast during Ramadan.
I never came out as a bisexual, or atheist, it was by pure coincidence, as I was tagged on a Facebook post, then it reached my parents through a third party, consequentially they stopped financing my studies, thus I failed to finish my M.Sc., and they refused to send me some documents, to renew my passport in order to renew my visa.

I have got a rejection for my asylum request, because they said I didn’t provide enough proof that I was persecuted in Morocco, and didn’t flee Morocco right after I was persecuted the first time, and that I was able to work and study in Morocco, and that I didn’t apply for asylum when I came to Germany in 2017, despite the fact that during my hearing, I explicitly said that my sexuality or my philosophical beliefs are my own, I don’t want to sit and put it on the record for nobody, and that I was hoping to graduate and find work in a country where I won’t be persecuted due to my sexual preferences or stand on religion.

Now, as was explained to me by Rosa-Linde Leipzig e.V, I have to get a lawyer, and the estimation of the Rosa-Linde representative is at least 1500€ for a legal suit, I have filed my appeal on August, 3rd, I have 30 days to provide my arguments before a judge. The funds will be used to hire a lawyer to appeal the decision of repatriation, because, in Morocco, I am a dead man walking.

*I am an anti-theist/anti-deist; I find the term Atheist too unspecific, in the same manner as branding a Catholic, a Taoist, a Muslim, etc as a mere Theist.“

Zusammen mit Ismail kämpfen wir nun für die Anerkennung von Bisexualität und Atheismus als Fluchtgrund!