Both parents originally come from Afghanistan, but have lived in Iran for 20 years before they arrived in Germany. Their application for asylum has been rejected, so they are supposed to get deported to Afghanistan.

In Iran, Family B. lived undocumented. The Iranian asylum law determines that an asylum seeker
receives a residence card after 30 years minimum. So the family neither had health insurance, nor
official work permission. The children would not have the chance to visit a school. Basically, in Iran
Afghans are treated like lower class citizens.
Within the Afghan community and their support in Iran, Family B. could survive.
But the prospects of the current living situation in Afghanistan are even worse. 40 years of
war have destroyed the country, putting the Afghans in Iranian exile in a hopeless situation. Some
of them are choosing to fight as volunteer-soldiers in the Syrian civil war. If they pass away, they’re
promised a high financial compensation for their families.
Just before their flight to Europe, Ali B.’s Brother was murdered and one of their sons had been
kidnapped by a clan. After the abduction failed, the son was brought to hospital.
Even though Family B. moved to two different Iranian cities, they could not live in safety.
Because the clan-structure extends to different countries, the borders between Iran, Afghanistan
and Pakistan could not afford protection from the ongoing feud.
There was no support by the Iranian authorities, so Family B. started their journey to Europe. It took 15 days and was troubled by two shipwrecks and a stay in an Hungarian refugee camp.
After about a year of German asylum procedure, they have received a rejection of their application.
Family B. is suing against their deportation, supported by a lawyer from Dresden.
We demand an immediate stop of deportations to Afghanistan!

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